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The best statistics Monk

Important to have statistics Monk gear When building your Diablo 3 Monk, there are a number of statistics important objects that you need to survive to maximize:

Dexterity: Dexterity is the main objective of building a Monk. Not only does it increase diablo 3 gold your firepower also increases your chances of dodging that greatly improves your chances of survival. As such each piece of equipment you wear should have some dexterity. Vitality: Although monks really dodging attacks you still need a high amount of energy to build your health pool. Vitality should be the basis of your defensive stats as is usually cheap and easy to reach d3 gold. Lifetime: This feature can dramatically increase your health pool and can easily be added to helmets using an amethyst in a socket. It can also be easily obtained on the shoulders and belts without sacrificing other stats.

Resistors: Resistors are another important aspect of your ability to survive and is best achieved by gaining strength all the stats on your equipment. Build sufficient quantities of this Sat allow you to tank blows Arcane, plague, fondues and other elemental attacks. Life-Steal & Life On Hit: Constructing life steal and life on the go, you can recover the damage you take to increase your chances of survival . As life gets heavy fly-pains of hell and life on the spot Inferno is often considered stronger.

Attack Speed: Attack Speed ​​works very well when combined with life on the go. Getting a decent amount, you can get the fast and agile style of Monk. Critical risk: Depending on your build some crit chance can go a long way to improving your combat prowess. The monk runes available skills based on critical hits to be more effective if you find yourself using one of them regularly during the construction given a chance to take criticism.

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