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Comprehensive Diablo 3 Vocational Skills Changes

In the past, Blizzard has released a series of career changes, developers Bowen. Each section corresponds to a professional to talk about career changes, causes and mechanisms in detail. A published changes to the cast out demons, of monks, magicians and the wild, today introduced the witch doctor witch.The is clearly the most talked about of five professions. 1.0.4 changes in patch for the sorcerer in the adjustment of other professions, to identify the players very little to use the skills, research of the causes of his unpopularity, and, finally, to improve these skills, they are therefore more players. Some of these skills only need to make a little adjustment, such as increased damage or increase the length of some of the skills you need to be more targeted changes.

This article will introduce significant changes to the three following aspects: summon skills family pet viability; predict explore skills; poison dart, and bear zombie Diablo 3 blogs. Invoked by pet is a major feature of the sorcerer, in fact, many players shamans are the pioneers of the journey of the use of the competence of invocation for pets. Unfortunately, despite invoking a familiar in the exercise of the ordinary difficulty, but in the nightmare of hell and Purgatory fix, their viability is almost zero. This result is obviously not what we want to see, so in 104 patch, we will convene the family skills for pets to bring a substantial improvement.

Objective improvement is not simply a substitute animal of company to survive in difficult conditions, but for those who like summon pets that players can enjoy more fun also. From a design point of view, we hope that sorcerer animals in the most active battlefield, withstand more damage for players, but we are not simply intended to be too strong. Summoning animal skills recharge time is specifically designed for this purpose. Can say we want to see if pet of the killed player, players also need to wait for skills of cooling again invoke the familiar. On the other hand, we also hope to see because of the existence of such a time of cooling, which allows the player to spend more energy to think about how to do the most powerful animal with the equipment and skills.

Wizard skills to the choice of most of the players now, if you do not use the predictable quest, Witch Doctor has always faced with the problem of mana is not enough. Players will have need more mana is not wrong, but on the other hand, back in France the system is obviously not doing enough to allow players to satisfaction. Predict explore skills, we are more concerned with the first, skills are too extreme, so that the players feel sometimes feel sometimes infinite unlimited right exhaust has surplus France, force players to use his skills to get cooldown and it is precisely the most of our attention, which allows players to answer cannot be more targeted skills use more mana. Voodoo Grand ceremony as an example. When large Voodoo ceremony can use, the player must wait for the outbreak of predictable cooling to explore.

Therefore the players in the face of a small amount of a Monster will be a witch ceremony large poison, unfortunately after 20 seconds, the players met the elite monsters, more need to use poison great ceremony to witches, but the ceremony witch big poison, but because you want to trigger predictable quest has been waiting for the State of cooling. This is obviously a very bad experience Diablo 3 blogs, but predictable quest allows sorcerer players faced such a scene. Therefore, we plan to explore in the 104 patch to do the reset. Perhaps you are wondering why we did not poison dart and zombie bears any changes in 1.0.4. These two skills have become popular is obviously not because that players like the sound of the DART poison or zombie bear form, in fact, it is because other skills is not sexy, whether it's DPS or use feel.

To allow players more choice in the range of skills, we will most of the other skills to make improvements so that they become poison sting, bear the same zombie. Talking about the sense of the use of other skills, those largely abandoned sorcerer skills the players feel is slow. Such as bombs, the plague of toads, and spider dead magical action skills improved to the 104. In General, all skills can be quickly released so that the sorcerer is more dead air Shen. We have also increased the damage of many skills, as a cloud of acid powerful poison, firearms, incendiary bombs and dam soul bats. These are the general changes to the sorcerer, and we hope you enjoy these changes, and a lot of things to give us your comments.

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