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Diablo 3 to Require Constant Internet Connection

Blizzard has announced that users will need a constant Internet connection to play Diablo 3 - there is not any kind of offline mode. Players can create 10 characters for themselves in the game, and they will be stored on servers of Blizzard games, which means that players will always need to be online to access. This need to be constantly connected to the Internet will be applied to all modes of game-play available with the game, the co-op for the player versus player, solo play. According to Rob Pardo, executive producer of Diablo 3, the main reason for this has been done is to combat the problem of piracy of character which has kept in previous versions of Diablo.

In the two Diablo and especially in Diablo II, I think that intuition for many people is when they play the game I want to make my character disconnected from this environment NET frightening battle. And then once I have this powerful character, I will jump in line. But the problem with this concept is that we cannot really detect if they are cheating. They may have the ability to hack their character, things like that, so at this stage, we cannot really allow this character to be in the net battle environment.

Then they will have to restart their character, which is exactly what happened in Diablo II, which was really unfortunate. He then explained: your character will be the net battle at the point where you begin to play online. "You can play a solo experience as you would in Diablo II, it's just your character is on the Blizzard servers and authenticated." Therefore, what he said is that, although Diablo 3 will be played entirely online, players can always pass between a soloist and player multi-game-play mode. If the Internet to a user connection falls down or is interrupted in some way while they play the game mode, they will be deleted on the game and end up back on the login screen, such as what happens in games such as World of Warcraft.

Although the announcement of Blizzard could affect people with problematic Internet connections and certainly those small minority of people who exploit their PC without internet connection, it will certainly have the effect that the talks about Pardo and prevent the users to participate in games online with characters that they ' ve hacked and changed to increase their power while they were offline. This will certainly come as good news for the players who have always played Diablo enough and want that others would all do the same.

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