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As it was in Diablo 2, Diablo 3 gives players the choice to create hardcore characters. Players will need to upgrade a regular character to level 10 first before they are able to have the options to make a new character in hardcore mode. Hardcore characters cannot be resurrected and they will be permanently unreadable once they are killed. Characters in Hardcore mode are not accessible to the House of auction of real money. In addition, they are classified separately, and their names will be highlighted in different colors. The training team is limited to only unconditional characters as well.

When a character is dying, the ghost of this character could still discuss and the name is still visible in the ranking, but that character will not return this game more. The artisans are NPCs who develop and sell. There are two craftsmen who could be introduced through a quest of finish: stingy Shen for the jeweler and Haedrig Eamon to the Blacksmih. L'artisan Mystic but who has never previously announced has been removed, maybe later more. The artisans can create materials items that players could congregate by reducing components and the scrapping of the acquired elements.

These materials are still used to make objects that grant random bonuses. However, when it was in Diablo 2, magic and rare items today could be improved, not armor and weapons from basis only. Craft could be used to improve the skills and training of craftsmen rather than creating some new elements. When artisans earn highest level, their shop reflects the high level of skills. To retrieve articles of materials will also be much easier stock management. Blizzard Entertainment said that the crafting system is designed to not slow down the pace of Diablo 3.

The disciples are NPCs who accompany the players in Diablo 3 world. There are 3 followers in Diablo 3: Eirena the enchantress, the insolent and Lyndon Kormac Templars. Each of them has unique skills and training. Followers will gain new equipment, skills, and experience in their fight alongside actors and to level. There is only a single disciple that accompanies a player at one time, the decision to create the game strategy game. The disciples appears only in the single player mode and the normal and in the games of cooperation mode, they will not appear. The follower was stated to be usable in the difficulty level later.

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