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Guide to Patch 1.0.4 of Diablo 3

The players were using range battle than any other capabilities mentioned above, so they used Battle Rage and Frenzy as the "starting point." Says Cheng, "Basically, we asked the question:" How damage would hammer Veterans have to do to make Frenzy + Hammer [Veterans] as attractive as Battle Rage. They then applied the same logic to Seismic Slam. If Cheng and his team are good changesnd in the game, and they hope that those who spend Fury will finally earn a place on the most popular versions of skills.

1.0.4 The purpose is generally to promote the diversity of compilation, and to this end, the team at Blizzard is implementing a number of settings in the wizard. The team is polishing the different runes that affect the ability of the Hydra assistant, trying to make them as attractive as all the main Hydra Venom optionnd in the game. Cheng raises the obvious question in his blog, however, "Why we are one of the most powerful wizard runes, then hit all the variants for the game rather than just nerving Venom Hydra?" The answer is that they want to stay out of the powerful, "because there are still a lot of flexibility beyond making your only source of DPS.

The wizard is also their energy capacity nerved Twister, with a coefficient proc this ability to fall from 0.25 to 0.125. Variant Wicked Twister Wind energy is pricing too, and when used in conjunction with Frost Nova and diamond skin is a little too powerful. Do not be too sad, however, the capacities of assistant and / or other runes are strengthened. Cheng said the team will be "revisiting all other runes signature ably the same philosophy as Hydrand in the game. Meteor assistants and capabilities Arcane Torrent are both being polished, since Cheng wrote: "None of those who feel strong enough to justify the expense Arcane Power.

If you can spare the skill slot, you will almost certainly want to combine it with skill Signature Hydra is throwing everything out. According to Cheng, "The most important changes for the monk 1.0.4 aim to improve targeted spending Spirit damages. We are happy where generators are mind right now, but unfortunately, once you Spirit, there are not many very attractive ways to use itnd in the game. To fight against the problem above, a number of changes to the building are implemented. To begin with, it is Exploding Palm, whose visual capacity is being improved so that you can tell who is bleeding and damaged by it.

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