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Level 60 with High Level Equipment and Skills

As mentioned in the introduction and the least expensive d3 in-game gold, the Witch Doctor is a class animal. Animals long with spells as Grasp dead help keep the enemies on one side, all the more so that you are not surrounded. Why animals are so essential for this class is that, up to higher levels, the Witch Doctor is not a good method to cope with swarming - what is fast enemies attacking you in the melee on all sides. Instead, the Witch Doctor is able to manage a large amount of damage to enemies in a line or cone and in the game.

Even if you do not need to use the animal, it is certainly useful in this category. As a result, you can count on animals in the extent of your experience Witch Doctor. This does not mean that the Witch Doctor is powerless. In fact, he cannot bomber outside as damaging as any class in the game and the d3 gold in the game and in the game, especially with its harvest of souls buff. At higher levels, you get better skills for the treatment of warmers, but even then, the Witch Doctor did not much actual leak but relies instead on domestic animals and the effects of control over defense.

The combination of these can make this fairly strong class. At the end of the day, you should expect to spend most of your time to deal damage to the range and use of pets such as tanks and d3 for sale gold in the game. At level 60 with high level equipment and skills and in the game, you can perhaps to abandon pets and to play a more aggressive role. The main force of the Witch Doctor class was the power of light crude. He also obtained a variety of discounts for damage through the passive skills and can use a shield without loss of damage.

This is due to its ability to Poison Dart. With slivers of runes, a dish of 180% weapon damage skills and has a mana cost so low that you can throw it indefinitely. When you combine a quasi-libre to use, the skills of the damage with a huge buff to damage, it is not a surprising force of the Witch Doctor is single target damage and the d3 items to sell in the game and in the game. Soul harvest you ability to literally double the damage and it can be stored up to nearly 100% of the time. Therefore, damage to the Witch Doctor died maps by default. In particular, the Witch Doctor deals high damage single target.

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