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Pick Stream Witch Doctor in Diablo 3

The sorcerer is a variety of shield character improved for the master visually appear in the Panel, 51 equipped with the so-called pull on the sets of master immediately one very resistant to all-out fighting. In fact, 51 it is many neglect basic BUFF skills: dark day: when processing ball life, you'll restore 10% of the mana, intelligence has increased by 10% for 10 seconds. Intellectual additive effects can be stacked up to 5 times. Operation of death: and when the enemy dies less than 8 metres, 1% of the recoverability of the magic and the maximum value of life, using all your skills reduces the Diablo 3 golds of 1 second. The scope of this effect with the gold of its equipment picked up the domain of the? Increased effect.

Soul Harvest: to absorb the energy of life up to 5 enemies in 16 metres, 130 points can be obtained from each affected enemy intelligence. The effect lasts 30 seconds. The reason is simple, is a very simple arithmetic, it is the theoretical value, the actual operation of the tail wire non-buff 6w damage panel just to count the qualified 1900 intelligence. Casual harvest a strange bunch of dps and intelligence. The most important thing is that when critical reading consecutive JY may make additional JY blood can continue to maintain the intellectual BUFF and viability, take the wide more security, but should not be too much I 25 think a little too much, about 20 more appropriate for Diablo 3 gold medals.

In addition to talking about the exploitation of the role of the deceased. Exploitation of the deceased think personally 51 character skills, because it can really leave 51 either put to death without leaving any trace went to soul harvesting. Strange game of small and medium-sized enterprises are the waves meet in groups, usually about 10 groups, and sometimes more. Did not kill a wave of monsters can align CD Ling immediately reset, so that you quickly fled to another wave of strange bunch who was very pleased. And the crowds agiterai to send several small blood cells, your DPS intellectual resistance remained at a high level, even encountered strange to go the first wave of monsters JY horrible day is over, and then to the war, or don't play no jump bunch of blood inside the monster to suck a little blood and magic.

Abandoned British spring and clear Rainforest, of course, to improve the risk, of course, in exchange for a high DPS and refreshing CD reset. However, when your resistance to compliance, survival factors will no longer be the main factor to consider picking up the stream to bring efficiency and apparently better Shuangkuaigan. The comparison is a combination of restraint: Shield of imprisonment for the construction of the wall and the rebound of ice damage particularly bad bounce, money must hit at a glance, or the consequences of the DPS high.... Another advantage of this version is a blue tube of blue requirements JY killed are not too high, and blood can also use passive blue, not blue ass Novo look back.

Pick up the stream favorite phantom strange, really cool, infinite spirit line. The exploitation of the deceased to increase the efficiency of the meaning: to increase the speed of advance of the spiritual lineage, and accelerate to zero of the CD's long. Ghastly party for increasing the effectiveness of the importance: high strength DPS, do not lose to pull the ball to the equipment, and back to the devil in the bottleneck A3, shield such strange poles high DPS can quickly tip, this case, the effectiveness of operation of the 0 death, pole BT blame this born with Teleport, with very little operating room for Diablo 3 gold medals.

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