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The Discussion of Diablo 3 and Diablo 2

What does the gameplay? The answer to this question if the description will be egg hurt the feelings of the people. Feelings of different people in the game is different, so 100 people to respond to get 100 different answers. Similarly, I cannot express my feelings. Of course, it is discussed. Since the classic game has been able to become a classic, although it has a certain quality to attract everyone, so everyone can be happy him this advantage. They ultimately what is the quality that can attract so many people? These qualities have in common? The old Tetris, Paladin, StarCraft 1, CS, D2, WOW biography and so on and so forth. A classic game too, but very different. How to find their unusual? My personal 10 years of gaming experience, this common D3 gold is called balancing policy.

Balancing policy contains two meanings. Balance, as the difficulty of the balance. The strategy is to use the brain.What is the balance? Each game has a certain degree of difficulty. In the game through our efforts, the customer service of this fix, some of the results of the games. What we have accomplished with our efforts do not match, it will not bring the appropriate sense of accomplishment. Simple to say that the game is too hard can be very lost half a day hard to beat, will soon lose patience. And if it's too simple, and people not feel fun challenge, and the rest more than a mechanical operation. As a result, the balance of the difficulty of the game, is a foundation. What is the strategy? Is to use the brain to think of the part. Game hamster to become a classic with a big fan of him? Can not, because you have no brain to think, just use the cerebellum to wait the hamster emerge when hammer Qiaoxia Qu.

Diablo 3 gold medals can be made of the difficulty of balance, but no strategy, this game is casual games used for resting the brain. We look at Tetris and Star. Tetris is the creation of a mathematician: before the fall of the box, we will find a suitable place and posture. Box drop speed and we believe the balance of time, from slow to fast. 1 star is synonymous with a balanced strategy: tactics are invincible. This is also the red alert cannot go beyond the interstellar place. Alert red can that pile a tank, this strategy is too simple, and does not take too much brain from a tactical point of view... These combination of two together, this is the classic game, it should be strategic, but this strategy difficult to balance. Of course, the balance of the policy is only a necessary condition of the classic game, but not a sufficient condition.

To become a classic picture engine, must also comply with that time Diablo 3 gold, creativity, and so on and so forth. Here, we discuss only the core kernel. The strategy of the game is divided into two types of tactics and strategies of equipment. Tactics and strategies easy to implement, such as Tetris, Legend, Star, CS, WOW, are the main tactics, they also contain the strategy of some equipment, but the strategy is not difficult, said on balance policy. To equip based on rules, and achieved a great success, making only D2. D2 tactics, but is low, compared to other games of many tactics skills D2 and tactics are quite small, between the characters and the monster is the confrontation of offensive and defensive, data lack of skills of CD and control round based strategy.

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