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Play with Monster countermeasures mentioned in this article are entirely based on the minimum equipment standards, better equipped friends play together more easily, in fact, many of my friends is not a good enough equipment, but not enough experience or more details are not treated with Diablo 3 articles, I hope this article can help you.

Before I returned to a similar help post the same response: 250-200 fight against things against-25000 blood, commands 40, 35kDPS, which is farmA3 minimum standards, DPS, and then fight the slow, does not to the farm, the property of defence enough white male darts / scorpion pain / magic sink Pugong, then bassthen the fault tolerance is too low. This property in A3farm will encounter many difficulties, misuse or accident could run died, but once they reach this level means that you can start at A3farm, in fact, 1.03 before this body in the A3 attribute, has been to rely on growth to farmA3. Each player is equipped with different, lead to the most appropriate construction is different, and DH equipment is the main difference comes from the choice of 2: 00: 1. Weapons, 2. Whether it's Madonna. According to these two points, play and build will be different.

Re-use both hands to the crossbow crossbow DH will focus on the heap and injury crit burst, essentially to give up the speed of attack, led by the DPH; hands archers arc DH will be heap a part of the standard IAS, three types of properties will be more balanced, the continuation of what the SDPE. Although the discussion below begins with objects not DH Madonna, but I must say that Madonna is a DH the best choice. Strange withstood if remote open wings and his blood on the emergency radio, if you can, you can consider the power of 3 Diablo items, slipped into the shadows, to reduce the functioning of the strange distance, I had just joined the A3 when the wings do not have the choice. Note that in this role of the power of the shadow of another current Yingkang, as the face of the monster at distance and small monsters when the skills without injury, please do rely not on the wings resisted the strange typical melee attacks, in the case of possible or sent to the principal, if mixed around strange kitesmoke bombs immediately flee rather than the open wings.

We are more familiar with the advantages are as follows: 4 kinds of monsters: the plague of mosquitoes, the pain of the people magic scorpion and looters demons earthquake, all body to body, very comfortable to play later in the familiar terrain is narrow, adapted for the trap of exit points, a large number of kerosene can be secondary players to control the crowd of elitethe number of elite 5.2 layer may be beautiful chest, habits, less than 20 minutes to 3 Diablo Articles and good efficiency. The disadvantages are the following: the scene is dark, not easy to find the shadow of the scorpion, and swarm of insects, the narrow stage, the construction of the wall to the threat of more H - gun through the wall is not easy to determine where the ball of the mysteries of the light and the plague in the case of time long battle of the threat.

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