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Deciphering the Black Rock Ledger in Diablo 3 and D3 Gold

If you have played Diablo 3 for some time, you came on a ship in the middle area Stinging winds in Act 2. It is a matter entirely for you, professional as well as Diablo 3 decisions gold medals. A prospector you warns of do not disturb the spirits, but eventually trigger a group of explosive beasts which have quickly become in him a mess of cartilage and bone. There are six pages, each corresponds to the heading "Lost numbers": 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 which are all found in the winds biting. The first letter on each page States the word DHARMA once put together. Similarly, the Black Rock is the vessel of the 19th century that the cast of LOST found in the first season of the show. After recovering the unstable dynamite from the ship, one of the characters blast is accidentally in place, not unlike the prospector who will suck the demons that spawn at the location. In cases where you do not have the time nor envy look for each of the pages, this is what they contain:

Page 4 LUA, I always thought that to be a second would be more exciting. I suppose I shouldn't expect much from a mining expedition. Since we have developed out of Kingsport, all I have done is sit on the deck and watch the deckhands support.

Page 8 have not been able to get much sleep these days. Apparently, my sea legs are not robust than I thought they would be. I vomited several times that I can count, and whenever the captain gives me a certain Hanso ale, I have come up with an excuse to refuse.

Page 15 after three days in a row of this storm, I am almost convinced that the ship has a sort of curse on him. Each week brings new problems that I have to deal with. I know not what will give first, the ship... or me.

Page 16 Reyes told me that it was a colossal wave that has made the po ship I was down when everything happened. Many of us have survived the sinking. The rest of them are left to try to understand where the hell we are, as if nothing of all this questions.

Page 23 Madness, complete amok. The captain disappeared in the desert somewhere, and the rest of the survivors are convinced that it is a kind of Monster after we. I'm starting to think that the crew members who died in the wreck received the easy way, lucky bastards.

Page 42 the rest of them are dead now... I am the only one that remains. Strange malformed creatures attacked the wreckage, where most of us were sleeping. I was able to escape safely... but I do not think that they will do so for a long time. I can hear... laugh in the dark, as it is a kind of game. -First Mate McMahon that is all for this article and I think that you can get some tips in this article if you want to have a great progress in this match. In addition, you can also buy not expensive and safely Diablo 3 Gold here, fast delivery. I hope you have a pleasant time and good luck.

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