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Diablo 3 is a role-playing game hack and slash action online game published and developed by Blizzard theme. It is the third version of the Diablo series. Diablo 3 published in time in Russia and Taiwan, Korea of the South, in Europe, Latin America, and on May 15, 2012 North America, is June 7, 2012. There are 5 playable in Diablo 3 classes and all players are able to choose the sex of their characters.

The barbarians have a lot of capabilities reworked on the basis of physical prowess. Barbarian can Flash through enemies, splitting the crowd, grapple - engage adversaries to attack enemies melee and crush range when loading. Barbarians use fury as a resource of power and restore by being attacked by opponents, the opponents who attack and with certain capabilities. The fury could be used to indicate powerful abilities and degenerated over time.

Demon Hunter class combines the elements of the Assassin and Amazon de Diablo 2 classes. The main weapon of Demon Hunter is the crossbow and allow him to Demon Hunter to launch bombs to his opponents. Demon hunters feed hatred and discipline. Discipline reconstructs slowly and could be used for defensive skills while hatred regenerates quickly and is used to attack. The monks are all melee attackers who use martial arts for landing shots of explosives, to attack with a lightning, that deflect projectiles, resistant to damage and incapacitating enemies.

The Monk class combines the elements of the Diablo 2 Assassin class with Holy paladin Warrior. Monk uses as fuel the spirit that has defensive purposes and builds slowly with the attack.

Witch Doctor is the new class that is similar to the Diablo 2 necromancer, sorcerer skills are more traditionally associated with the Voodoo culture and shamanism.

Wizards are capable of throwing explosives and poisons on enemies, the souls of harvest, the cast curses and summon minions. To spell these skills witch doctors use Mana resources which slowly replenishes. Wizard is very similar with the wizard in Diablo or the witch in Diablo 2. The wizard of ice range capabilities, fire and shooting opponents to slow time and teleport along walls and enemies. Combustible Wizard sets with the power of arcane that regenerates quickly.

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