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StarCraft 2 looks like a dedicated professional player platform game, and it forced all the new game prohibitively expensive. That was the original intent of the child masters a month salary, and then slowly started. Buy Diablo 3 blogs now appears even Starcraft 2 is not as good as Starcraft 2, regardless of the result, can rightly claim to be the 3D version of the original StarCraft, Diablo 3 say it is a 3D version of Diablo 2? BUG Server mess? Problems of balance not to mention, even the series the basic fall equipment Diablo are designed to be so rotten. The classical framework of a variety of Diablo 2 Blizzard all throws. Blizzard is really bad, Blizzard is now looking for what? -The perfect balance as well as commercial interests.

The most common players to play the game map what? -Fun - fun to explore unknown worlds and characters who grow up, MF to the achievement of good facilities, and coordinated combat team and friends of the presence in the virtual world, Blizzard right now in order to balance between commercial interests and what? Abruptly to the central part of the WOW - raid, in a stand-alone Starcraft 2 game the more central part of la - games LAN cutting-t-anti-hacking it? There are a variety of mismatched skills, MF were all cut, and then to the very good integration of the skill talent, so that we see a version similar God, livestock and milk of Germany pussy and thieves, dark, livestock, and Warlock pain, therefore can no longer jump / MF equipment can not reuse a friendly environment of mounting against the ultimate boss are - even when dealing with a crowd of purgatory random are powerless.

In fact, the balance sheet is really so important? Necessarily the players based on your Blizzard put a good idea to diablo 3 gold medals. You can tell Diablo 2 master a career, I believe that the way Diablo II Blizzard eye will be one filled with all kinds of career Bug discord of extremely unbalanced and there is no commercial value of the game, compared to the Blizzard itself is a shame. You can tell that the only three races War3 - because souls seems to have never obtained the good results of the competition. But nobody denied classic War3. 3 nature completely different breed of hero skills, as well as Diablo 3 gold medals, of weapons, construction, after so many years of competition test, as well as virtually stopped Blizzard updating, always maintained a delicate balance, which has been a miracle.

Then WOW is really a very fun game. What is the fun? Not necessarily to concoct a T13 set can be called fun, and enough people blamed the mother's head. Then, play a LR to Heixia grabbed a Bite Warg learn 7 is also a very rewarding thing is difficult to catch, or practicing the trumpet flower for a long time finally to make a pair of boots of gauze, or in the Austrian mountains, killing in the China Sea southern town at the crossroads, in the dark and finally won a victoryor even 30, has finally learned a lot of skills, a highly anticipated talent Finally stresses there, and so on and so forth, but most of them have fun Blizzard simplify out.This really nothing new, because a professional accumulation is not richer than Diablo 2.

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