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AH is Very Successful in Diablo 3

I think that most of the players play Diablo 3 when it is 10 years, stand-alone game to play, someone played the first chapter, chapter II.General, a nightmare.Up to see that four persons, and hit the equipment is very limited, and finally to equipment to ensure non! Or when you are experiencing a wave of elite or the continuous BOSS died 2, 3, 5 times, 10 times. How can you not depressed? The answer is: absolutely! AH this time help us to solve many problems. Range of refreshing amenities, equipment cheap and good, the only diablo 3 gold medals were soon to be purchased by others, we also lamented the charm of millions of players in a game of trading platform!

Secondly, the trend-loading, seamless virtual reality connection mode and! I is a video game for 18 years, looking back now, Blizzard is really brought countless new ideas to the people. The advent of Diablo: the first game in history to kill monsters and Milngavie stripped po realize we burst big boss Diablo 3 gold medals. StarCraft: the story of the first professional sports handling solid strategy game in real time, when it came out, much more than Call of Duty, Red Alert game, gives you a true pleasure battle; World of Warcraft: online games, epic works, a copy of the notion of scale natural arena systems, I ask that it is not in the idea, to this day, I still can't forget the line spectacular of thousands of people in the open air service, and anxious waiting, and the first to bear the shock of Orgrimmar!

Diablo 3: fly line, accessories, point card in this era became the agents have a fixed system to accumulate wealth. Diablo 3 has brought us what? Best time to buy the free life! Auctions of cash when I see when it is presented, I deplored the smart Blizzard! These means more easily accepted by all at the same time to make more money. An idea to change the rules of the game, but I have to say that I like it because I've known transactions network deceived, experienced money to buy things, so I think! Third, trading platform giant to bring the pleasure of diablo 3 gold medals, bringing the fingers of gold of rotating pleasure!

In real life, I was one of the vendors, thus deemed of interest, make a difference, let me enjoy it. do not know if you have experience of scrubbing equipment auction equipment fried, at least in WoW, I did however, the pleasure of the nature of the transaction, really exciting. Diablo 3 made us millions trading platform! I ask before playing the game on a server, how many people? 5000 cent? 10000? Or 2 million? Diablo make hundreds of thousands, millions of people trading platform, which means that many opportunities for the person who is, as long as you have the patience, discernment, one hundred million gold real is not a dream.

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