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Trojan Robbery the Players of Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Blizzard on players hacking responded that there were gaps, it is recommended that Battle.net players of audit of digital link, use the new SMS protection verification system to protect the security of the accounts. Unlock SMS each time on the front of the line, however, very accustomed to some players find annoying. Be regarded as the last decade of the launch D3 classic masterpiece in less than two months by the players in pursuit, stolen by hackers Trojans men popular players have also called eyeing Diablo 3 players password.

Recently, the team governess computer through the recent Trojan analysis, attributed to a pirate gathering fly Diablo 3 players account and password for the mailbox, as well as near archived 10.006 Diablo 3 passwords different players account e-mail, 2 interstellar, World of Warcraft players password is also there in the box to the letters. In May of this year, Blizzard Diablo 3 players being hacker responded that Diablo 3 there is a certain vulnerability, recommend that players on the Battle.net digital Audit account binding, use the new SMS protection verification system to protect the security of your account. Unlock SMS each time on the front of the line, however, very accustomed to some players find annoying Or D3.

Several decades of experience of Zhang online games often rely on the sale and the purchase of equipment in the game, the currency of gold, Diablo 3 launch, Zhang began to accumulate the gas station to spend a lot of time in the game, in-game currency, as it is experienced players, in order to avoid lost coins stolen accounts, account password Zhang often changed once every two weeks. This habits in the long term, to feel linked validator Zhang is understandable. But yesterday received an e-mail, Zhang did not regret it. Yesterday morning, Zhang made an appointment with the network playmate game to do the job, as usual connection Diablo 3, it was named Diablo 3 auction Xiangjie playmate House shared group received an e-mail.

Exactly hands Zhang accumulate a number of equipment need to go in the auction house transactions, down hearts, merge as the downloaded self-extracting package file. Decompression of corrupt data file open when prompted, Zhang believes decompression with files piracy tool do not match, stop smoking. And then you connect to Diablo 3 gold, the server was quick Zhang error password, Zhang directed stolen account. In fact, files downloaded from Zhang e-mail is specifically for dark horse Daohao 3 Trojan, Trojan stole players a rare infection of the main program of the party. After the team found hotel master machine and catch Trojan horses, inverse analysis to find the den black-mail, steal account and send the saved account. The mailbox in addition to the darkness 3 Balance transactions, there are a large number of interstellar 2, World of Warcraft password. This, in particular, to remind players of the three games, make sure to use the latest anti-virus software on their own computers to detect viruses, and change their password own account.

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