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Blizzard Heart in Diablo 3 is No longer Honest

Contempt of the players of the value, power, violence, absolute truth is confirmed by wow. Early large number of BOSS NPND in WoW were killed by Blizzard at the end. Which go beyond the limits of the individual competence and team work, the players can not fight at Blizzard, is a set of numbers under the percent sign. Simply values down even 5%, and these guys there collapsed. Later, the generic stuff wow percentage is simple but certainly effective. Blizzard one after the other grace of 5 per cent, with dead BOSS-born players. Players say so that you also Blizzard so that you also, Blizzard doesn't want someone else, Blizzard also have the confidence to say within six months can not pass of rhetoric, they believe that the absolute power of the numbers.

But the defeat to win by numbers, will be digital. Such unreasonable BOSS dedicated ranking: BOSS inspection of equipment. White fitted, it is God; you wear the gear of God, God, it's you. Numbers to crush them, and do not say why. As all types of F4 as difficult to cultivate the battle is really hard. Wow similar equipment to my boys in the class of University: originally, the number isn't much, as well as the quality is not good. Fixed level even if random item restrictions is also very limited, it is not God installed in the true sense, in other words, comrades, Blizzard announced this month it up to 5, then nobody comes to 5,001.

The numerical control of the difficulty here is a brilliant idea, may not be a precise control of the players who are fighting ability of the D3 is a time bomb, but Blizzard chance, quickly fried. If there is no bug workforce competencies shield, Blizzard before conception, at that time, D3 congregation should expression of money is also shy, wearing a loaded dwarf, struck a strange dwarf, pick up a bit of the load as the dwarf, and then passing triazolam kill a legend. Social productive forces is really the development of this speed the turtle, and then six months to save enough to reverse the material of the agricultural society was a possibility wave, history is not if.

Group of bug shield is there on the line at the start, the first patch to pack, they help the player to jump from primitive accumulation of capital, came to the front of Diablo, Diablo tragedy. Blizzard bug in front of troublesome weeds, all online games, but analysis final, or desirable, but inevitable. The world does not exist can not find the battle of the bug is well known in wow, especially the war, BOSS. Chronicles of the FD battle world, that high Guild of the world also used BUG BUG also Guo. Wow it is a tacit agreement, BUG study's report does world FD ban Blizzard bug so that others cannot use the usual, Blizzard passive impact bug treatment patterns. Because wow Soulbound, unjust enrichment equipment may not be the AH instantly to tip the balance of the whole game, but the D3 can, D3, AH may be, this time a fatal bug.

Also mention D3 has the boldest of the value set in Blizzard Chronicles game: random uncertainty equipment attributes is sufficient room with seaview, bathroom properties slag, master equipment ran out the barbarian property, these bad wow, Lai Blizzard peak. Alas Blizzard default 11 years, for the moment, but hurry-on-line, a ridiculous to equip fate MF, what equipment where no one knows, that this root herb called BUG, slightly crushed Di Apollos. Famous players in the world, Athena that kill the HC, eyes closed by purgatory all DH BOSS, and later the dark gold of charity to donate 400 billion, said full D3 and less oily connotation. Since then, his blue equipped and even bare to kill pineapple purgatory, makes quite a parody of the essence of the Diablo series. He was held for six months before the difficulty to play fruit trees in bloom Diablo, and asked why so many red flowers.

This is not a series of accidental, is inevitable, the death of Diablo, Blizzard is to blame. BUG is a technical question, backward technology may be late can't be beat. But Blizzard is not back, they have much better that the numerical control is difficult, at least not only figures - those who think that in wow Yogg Saron war from 0 to 4 lights distinguish the difficulty of random in the war visits FL guard increase the geniuses of the fix, as far as I know, are still in the snow. It is not a problem of capacity, the problem is the heart, is a company seven years online keep the strings of the heart, so engineering is more honest. Dishonesty will be beaten, even if you were Blizzard.

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