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The Guide of strategy Butcher

The Butcher is a difficult to kill boss, but it is still possible to defeat the Butcher our strategy guide using solo. The Butcher is a level 13 with more than 5000 life points. It uses the following attacks and abilities against you: mixed, Smash, Frenzy, grapple your character must be level 12 at least when in front of him, but preferably you want to be lvl 13 and above. If you have less than level 13, and you continue to die, you should return to previous areas and kill monsters more, until you win at level 13 or higher. Or you could get a friend to help you. To make life more difficult, the different parts of the floor is burst in flames, which could damage your character. Unlike the skeleton King, the boucher quote servants to help him.

Although this seems like an advantage, it is in fact not. The King called skeleton undead were an inexhaustible source of health in red globes during the fight. But here, there is not. There are two wells of healing in the upper corner of this House, but each dries out after use and takes tome to rebuild. Therefore, you must rely on your healing potion as well, and perhaps the fate of the health and capacity of regeneration of the Templar. The Templar is a better follower in the fight for reasons stated above, if you have difficulty defeating the butcher with the villain than your disciple, look to return to the city and the recruitment of the Templar for your party. The first priority, and it should not be too hard, is to avoid flamboyant floor that you will lose health critic.

Every bit of health is important in this battle. You have warning enough that the floor is heated. He will become reddish and will continue to do so for a couple of seconds until the fire chips. When you see the ground begins to warm up, immediately switch to a different tile until the flames burst. You should also avoid the attacks of cone of the butcher shop, where it turns is struggling to string across a wide area. Another attack with his grappling, it is when you catch, and you is shooting with him, strike you melee. When it glows orange, he prepares a special frenzy attack in which you hit at the time of the sprints and charges towards you for a devastating strike.

Tips for all categories: stay on the road. Escape to the above attacks. Be prepared to use healing wells in the upper corners of the room, and health potions.

Barbarian: Bash use hammer alumni and the attacks successfully Leap and the implementation strategies. Back when the butcher is the exercise of his melee attacks. Lose Pound of Flesh which is completely unnecessary here, and instead put on the nerves of steel as your liabilities.

Assistant: Stay on the race, avoiding the melee attack of butchery and catches the hook, as well as chains to stay away from flames below you. Use your basic magic projectile attack, as well as the radius of frost, from the butcher is vulnerable to cold damage. Have blur in your loadout as a passive skill that will help you a bit if you you surprised and attacked in the melee. Diamond Skin should be equipped in your bar defensive action, because when you are in trouble.

Witch Doctor: Lose body spiders and toads, that are not useful in this battle. Equipped with darts poisoned with the Runes Splinter instead and use as your main attack, firing on them when stop you the movement for a fraction of a second. You can use Chargers Zombie Zombie and your dogs to distract the butcher a little and save time. But note that the zombie dogs will not survive very long in this battle. They are best used in this fight with the Sacrifice jurisdiction. Use Sacrifice as soon as the Zombies move closer to the butcher shop. If you do not immediately use it, zombie dogs will be dead, and it will be too late.

Monk: Fists of Thunder should be used as your first attack, and kick tail docking your secondary to knock the butcher of return and you give room for manoeuvre. The fleet is crucial Footed that your jurisdiction passive, since you are going to run a large number to avoid the Butcher and the flames throughout the fight.

Demon Hunter: Bola Shot is a good skill to use as primary, accompanied by impaling which is always useful in fighting against the boss. Poorly are good to slow down the butcher at the bottom, and Vault will help you when you are on the move. Complete with tactical advantage as liabilities, which make even more evasive.

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